Cannabis Social Media Marketing: 6 Tips for Optimizing Your Business Instagram Account

Instagram can be an optimal platform for dispensary advertising; however, there is a lot of competition due to its ease of use, so your marijuana dispensary's marketing content must be more interesting and user-friendly than its rivals.

Today we show you some tips you can use to increase the engagement of your cannabis business' Instagram account.

Tip #1: Make Interesting Content for Your StoriesTip #1: Make Interesting Content for Your Stories

Using Instagram Stories to tell a story will interest users in your business.

It may take extra time and creativity, but the payoff will be worth it when you post content like this to your Instagram Stories; customers are more likely to become involved with your brand if you provide them with relevant background.

Tip #2: Hashtags Will Be Your Best Friend

Hashtags can increase interaction with your content; Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in the same comment or caption.

Use trending and less-used hashtags to expand the visibility of your posts and prevent them from being buried in the sea of other information.

Tip #3: Make A Publication Schedule

Maintaining a high level of quality in your Instagram posts is essential for a successful presence on the platform, and you can make it with the help of a posting schedule.

A content plan, such as a monthly or quarterly posting schedule, will help you and your dispensary keep up with your posts and your customers' interests.

Tip #4: Be Creative on Your Posts

For a powerful brand experience, your Instagram page should reflect the same aesthetic, tone, and color scheme as your website, print ads, and other marketing materials. Apply a filter that captures the spirit of your company.

Use social media to promote your cannabis business, and don't be afraid to get creative and think outside the box.

Also, don't forget to set your logo as your profile photo.

Tip #5: Make Videos as ContentTip #5: Make Videos as Content

To increase the visibility of your cannabis brand online, you must upload videos to your social media accounts.

Good video content will encourage viewers to share it on their social networks.

Now, video content is trending and, if done right, can spread organically and gain exposure simply by being shared and interacting.

Tip #6: Invite Your Followers to Interact

To encourage engagement with your post and, by extension, your brand, you can ask your followers to "Like" or "double tap if they agree."

Instagram's algorithm shows more people the posts that have more engagement; in other words, the more interaction your post has, the greater its reach.

Let the Professionals Take Care of Your Account

Instagram is a good platform for cannabis companies to showcase their products and reach new customers. The best way to succeed is to know your audience. Knowing what your audience likes and dislikes will help you choose your Instagram strategy. You will need to showcase your brand's personality; this can be done by interacting with your followers and showing the most important and illustrative elements of your business. Your profile should be consistent and should reflect the tone of your company.

Cannabis Marketing OC has a team of employees with the best cannabis social media marketing strategies ready to make your brand known. Here you will find creativity, economy, and organization. Contact us today!