The Dos and Don’ts of Cannabis Marketing

Since it became legal in California, the cannabis industry and community have been rapidly expanding. If you want to benefit from the cannabis business, you'll need to sell your brand. However, several complexities and limitations make marketing in the cannabis sector difficult, but with the correct expertise, you can lead your cannabis business toward success.

Here are the basic dos and don'ts of efficient cannabis marketing that every cannabis business should be aware of to stay up with the cannabis digital marketing industry's rapid development.



Establish an online presence.

Just like any other business, you should have a well-designed and regularly maintained website as well as regularly updated social media profiles. Social media, in particular, is an excellent tool to boost your brand's visibility. Your content doesn't have to be sales-oriented all the time. Deliver useful, relevant material about cannabis backed up by scientific evidence.

Make an impression.

Spend the time necessary to develop a memorable brand. Examine the history of other companies you appreciate and the story behind the images and connection to the company name.

Analyze your market and potential customers.

Before you develop your brand's image, do some research on your target market and customers. Cannabis is used for a variety of purposes by people of all ages and socioeconomic statuses. Spend time conceptualizing your "perfect" consumer – this doesn't mean you should ignore other portions of the population, but narrowing down on your target market will help you fine-tune your brand's personality.

Stand out from the crowd.

It won't be long until verticals in the cannabis sector are bursting at the seams with competition—some good, some shady. With so many competitors, it's critical to figure out how to make your product stand out from the crowd.



Don't distort facts.

When establishing oneself as a reliable source, it's critical to deliver correct information. Don't use pseudoscience or overstate prospective advantages; cannabis has enough great qualities without relying on readily debunked data. Be truthful, accurate, educational, and entertaining.

Don't get caught up in the ever-changing rules.

Cannabis marketing guidelines are always evolving, especially talking about social media. When it comes to cannabis business marketing, social media behemoths have shown to be unexpected. As the rules change, so will how you may promote your cannabis company on social media. The worst thing you can do is disregard regulatory developments.

Don’t use immature language.

The cannabis business is trying hard to break free from the "stoner" stigma. To position themselves as an expert in a genuine topic, use a sophisticated voice in your marketing materials. Create a professional voice and personality for your brand that inspires people to trust your quality and customer service.

By following these rules, you will be on your way toward success, but we know it’s not easy, especially if you have to focus on your core business in a competitive market like this one. That is why Cannabis Marketing OC is here for you. We are a full-service cannabis marketing agency that helps businesses in this growing industry with our wide range of services. We're experts when it comes to social media, SEO, ad campaigns, and more for helping your business grow.

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